5’s Class: Meet Our Team!

Welcome to Ms. Shannon and Ms. Lauren’s 5’s class! 

We look forward to meeting your child. Our year is filled with learning and lots of fun. We have been teaching for over 10 years and are excited for this to be our 3rd year together! In our room, we encourage kindness both to each other and ourselves. We love to see how our students grow throughout the school year as they get ready for Kindergarten.


Welcome to Ms. Sarah’s 5’s class! 

Ms Sarah has been teaching at GDK for 4 years and previously was a kindergarten teacher. Sarah loves teaching preschoolers as everything is so new and exciting to them. Ms. Dongi has been with GDK for 5 years and loves teaching in the 5’s classroom! She previously worked with high school youth development programs, and after an 18 year corporate career, joined GDK. It was the best decision she ever made!

Learning through play and watching them make connections from our lessons is so fun to watch! Our 5s class teaches a curriculum that will expose your child to all the skills they will need for kindergarten.

What We Offer


3's Class

A year of introduction and learning through exploration and play.  Hands-on participation of what it means to be part of a class.  An environment which helps to nurture a love for learning and an “I can” attitude!

3’s EXPLORE Program: The addition of this exciting afternoon class will teach your child a passion for STEM activities! Who knew science experiments and building things could fill a room with laughter and curiosity!

4's Class

A year of hands-on learning in preparation for kindergarten to allow for growth in both their academic and social play skills.  Engaging curriculum is built to encourage exploration, creativity, and independence. 

4’s EXPLORE Program: Invites our students to take an imaginary trip around the world.  Many countries are visited and our students get to learn about language, cultures, and traditions in each of them.

5's Class

This class is perfect for the child who will benefit from an extra year of growth before kindergarten.  With another year under their belts, hands-on learning is taken to the next level with our 5’s.  Students have an opportunity to dive deeper in their investigations of curriculum presented.  Children will gain further confidence in the skills needed to be successful in kindergarten.  Team building is a big part of their social growth in the 5’s.

5’s EXPLORE: This longer day format allows our 5’s the opportunity to take what they are learning in the morning and expand on it. This is a great plus for preparing for the all-day kindergarten class.  

Teaching Kindness

Kindness is a part of our program every day. We have a yearlong campaign that teaches children what it means to be kind. Through random acts of kindness, our students understand being kind not only makes others feel good, but also themselves. 

Caring for Every Child

Your child is very special and we let them know each day how much they are loved at GDK and how blessed we are to have them as a part of our school! 

GDK Preschool understands the importance of working as a team with our parents and always do the very best for our students! We have created a wonderful community here at GDK and it truly feels like one big family! 

For more registration details or questions please contact the GDK office at 651-423-4127 or email Jacinda Miller, GDK Preschool Director, jacindamillergdk@gmail.com.